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The Survival Range From NIOD

By On October 2, 2017

A short while back I wrote a post on my favourite sun protection products. If Survival 30 was available then it would definitely have been included. It has all the elements that are… Read More


3 Excellent Anti-Ageing Facial Sunscreens

By On July 4, 2017

Though I’m sure a lot of people find sun protection products a dull necessity (and some not even that), to me they are one of the most interesting categories of skincare. They are the most… Read More


Hydrate & Nourish by MZ Skin And Why Retinol In A Sun Protection Product Is A Good Thing

By On February 11, 2017

The term, Age Defence Retinol Day Moisturiser SPF 30, might set alarm bells ringing because there’s an assumption that retinol should only be used at night as it makes skin more sensitive to the… Read More


My 5 Favourite Ultrasun Products For City Living

By On June 27, 2016

While Ultrasun is a popular choice for taking on holiday it also has plenty of products that are great to use on a daily basis throughout the year. Undoubtedly, protecting skin from UV… Read More


Q&A ‘s On Sun Protection With Ultrasun MD Abi Cleeve

By On May 7, 2016

The cheapest, quickest and easiest route to healthy skin is to adequately protect it against UV rays. Because of the huge benefits to skin, sun protection is an area I’m immensely interested in and… Read More


New – Aveda Light Guard Protection SPF 30 Reviewed

By On March 20, 2016

Around this time of the year and for the next few months the latest crop of sun protection products are launched. One of the first to hit the shelves is Aveda Daily Light… Read More

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I Heart… Alpha-H Protection Plus Hand Cream SPF 50

By On January 25, 2016

Though it’s still only January I can confidently say that the new Alpha-H Protection Plus Hand Cream SPF 50+ will be featured in my favourite products of 2016. I’ve been waiting  so… Read More

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I Heart… Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment SPF 15

By On December 17, 2015

My introduction to the Sugar Tinted Lip Treatments was via a sampler gift set a few years ago and it was one of my favourite presents that Christmas. Since then I’ve repeatedly… Read More


The Essential Guide To UVA And UVB Rays, Active Sunscreen Ingredients, And The Different Sunscreen Labeling Systems

By On June 30, 2014

Photo-ageing is caused by exposure to UV radiation built up over a lifetime and results in wrinkles, dark spots, broken blood vessels and sagging and leathery skin. All these signs of ageing skin can… Read More